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Solid State Logic's hardware offers a stunning combination of highly controllable EQ and dynamics with a sound that's as good as you'll get from the best dedicated outboard gear. Unfortunately, an SSL desk is completely out of the home user's price range; this is why everyone's so excited about Duende.

Solid State Logic Duende V6 Native Essentials

Its plug-ins operate in exactly the same way as native ones, and they're modelled on the classic SSL channel strip and the much sought after bus compressor from the XLK desk. Duende offers 32 mono channels or 16 stereo channels of processing, though you can halve these numbers if you're operating at a higher rate than 48kHz.

Put simply, the bus compressor is one of the best you'll ever hear, and it also serves as a fantastically phat limiter when thrown across your whole mix. The channel strip, meanwhile, has an input filter section, a four-band EQ with sweepable high and low frequencies and two fully parametric midrange controls.

Unless you've actually tried them, it's hard to explain quite how these plug-ins respond and sound better than, say, those that are bundled with Logic Pro, but trust us when we say that they really do. Despite a few limitations, you'll almost certainly find they cover all your mixing needs.

One aspect of the Duende plug-ins that can't be overlooked is their appearance and feel. The GUIs are beautifully rendered - complete with shadows and perspective - and you sometimes feel like you're leaning over real hardware.

When you alter a parameter, the action is so stunningly smooth that you'll probably spend five minutes staring at the screen just twisting knobs and pushing buttons before you even think about doing anything practical with them. We certainly did.

SSL Bus Compressor - Duende Native Plug-in

Whenever you put audio equipment on a FireWire bus, you run the risk of latency problems, but we didn't experience much trouble in this area, even with Duende daisy-chained after a Focusrite Liquid Mix. Besides, given that this is a mixing tool, latency shouldn't really be a problem - providing you don't call on Duende until you've finished recording, that is.

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One slightly irritating quirk, though, is that Duende doesn't seem to like offline bouncing. If you run the first version of the software, you get glitches galore when this feature is in use, and even with the v1. Another potential source of frustration is that only one Duende can be used at a time, and there's no provision for adding expansion DSP packs.

We'd like to be able to surprise you in these closing lines, but we have to say that Duende is one of the most sublime sounding and ergonomically beautiful items you could add to your studio.

  • Solid State Logic Duende Native Studio Pack Bundle.
  • Solid State Logic Duende Native Studio Bundle.
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However, it's hard to say which would win a fight between this or Focusrite's Liquid Mix. Still the MAC question pop up. Shastra Yes I agree the glue is very good, but I find that RCompressor is sometimes too slow on attack.

Suite di plugin SSL

Olymoon RCompressor is sometimes too slow on attack And you're right! Glue its a lot more fast RCompressor it's more "renaissant" PSP stuff it's excellent good too Klanghelm it's a very good compressor too! I'm using it a lot lately.

SSL Software and Mac OS Yosemite – Solid State Logic Help Centre

It's like The Glue: only harmonics in the compression but with professional extended options and more algorithms options to saturate the signal if you want Even the saturation it's really good in my honest point of view. I think it should have more attention. The price it's simply insane very cheap and the developer philosophy, well all devs should have it too.

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I will buy Klanghelm's compressor soon, apart I use some pirated plugins I actually buy the ones I like at least when I can I studied it in faculty and it's pretty much it. I found Klanghelm interesting but I was not able to take all advantage of it, may be cause I am not pro enough. Or because of its gui On another hand, right now I am not looking for the old analog sound. I work fine for the mix bus with Izotope plugins, they are a bit complex but allow good results.

Olymoon I agree the Waves renaissance are good, even if a bit old now. I'm just realinsg it now. A little old indeed